Safe from speedometer fraudsters with the digital service book.

From 130,000 km to 30,000 km in under 60 seconds. Nowadays, it is child’s play for fraudsters to manipulate the speedometer and thus the mileage of a car with the help of small computers. Legally available on the market, the small devices are offered by various suppliers for as little as €150. The speedometer manipulation itself is, of course, illegal, but nevertheless widespread. According to a police estimate, one in three used cars in Germany has a manipulated speedometer.

The manufacturers themselves can do little about it. Car repair shops, on the other hand, have the opportunity to counteract speedometer tampering. By entering maintenance and service data as well as current mileage in the digital service booklet, you make the game much more difficult for fraudsters. The digital service log is virtually tamper-proof, so workshops can compare all the data and quickly detect any tampering with the tachometer.

Digital entries can only be corrected in the central manufacturer database – only the executing service company can change them. Backdating or deletion of the data in the workshop is not possible.

oe service supports your workshop with digital service entry.

Since entering the service data on the various manufacturer portals is an enormous time-consuming task, many workshops still shy away from it. oe service is an online platform that supports workshops in accessing the digital service book. Service entries for almost all brands can be made on the platform after a very simple registration process. The uniform user interface is very easy to use for workshops and reduces the administrative effort enormously. On average, a workshop needs less than 1 minute to make an entry on the central platform. The rest is done by the team of