Digital service booklet for Hyundai

Digital service booklet from year of manufacture


It's that simple:

Entries can be made in the manufacturer’s digital service booklet for this manufacturer. We show you how easy this works with oeservice:

Identify the vehicle by entering the VIN.

Enter the basic and service data of the order with just a few clicks.

Filling out the form takes no more than 1 minute and differs minimally between manufacturers. So that the handling becomes as simple as possible for you!

Now you can check and confirm your input again. Ready!

We will do the rest for you. We will transfer all data to the manufacturer portal and let you know as soon as the service record is available for download.

If it has to go particularly fast, you also have the option of putting the entry in the fast lane using oe fastlane.

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Tip: Vehicles which, due to their year of construction, do not yet have a digital service booklet from the manufacturer, can be registered on oe service via the function oe plusDSB 

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