Digital and
analog documented

Transfer digital service records to any paper service book using a QR code.

Step 1

Perform the service and record it digitally.

Perform the service on the vehicle as usual and record it on

Step 2

Link service document with QR code.

Scan the QR sticker by holding it in front of your device’s camera. Our system automatically links the QR code to the service record performed.

Step 3

Paste QR code in the service book.

Paste the QR code sticker into any paper service book to transmit all service data in a manufacturer-compliant manner. 

Step 4

Enter company stamp.

Enter your company stamp for identification as usual.

ATTENTION: Please do not stamp over the QR code, otherwise it may no longer be readable.

Step 5


Thanks to oe fuse, the service is now securely entered in the service book and can be viewed digitally at any time by scanning the QR code.


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