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oe feature overview

You want to provide manufacturer-compliant service for all vehicles? With our oe features nothing could be easier!

Retrieve service histories.

The service history allows you to see what service work has been carried out on a vehicle in the past and whether all services have been properly entered.

Create service entries.

Digitally submit service entries in less than a minute using our standardized user interface. We then transfer all data to the manufacturers and send you the original service records.

No DSB available? No problem!

With oe plusDSB you can now create digital service entries even for vehicles without a digital service book.

Retrieve and upload maintenance schedules.

Digitally retrieve maintenance schedules and upload completed plans for data documentation. In this way, you can also retrieve and check them at any time afterwards.

Document the service process seamlessly.

Save all documents, photos and service information directly on our platform. This guarantees manufacturer-compliant and complete documentation. If required, you can easily retrieve all documentation. Via oe docu you can also send it directly to the vehicle owner.

Transfer service records via QR code.

With oe fuse you can now easily transfer digital service entries to the physical service book using a QR code. This allows a simple and secure access to the service record at any time.

Save time - increase customer satisfaction.

Put your service entries in the fast lane! Choose oe fastlane to have your orders processed before all others. Because sometimes things have to be done particularly quickly.


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