Digital service records
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Your digital service record in 1 minute!
You will receive the original service certificate from the manufacturer

The entry in our portal will take you no more than a minute. We will do the rest for you! We check your information, transfer all data to the manufacturer and provide you with the original service certificate of the manufacturer after completion!

This is how easy it works:

  1. Enter VIN of vehicle at oe service.
  2. Specify vehicle data.
  3. Enter service data.
  4. Verify information and submit.

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oe plusDSB

Record by means of oe plusDSB

If a vehicle does not yet have a digital service booklet due to its manufacturer or year of construction, a digital service record is possible at oe service with the addon oe plusDSB. Thus, each record is digitally stored for you and you can retrieve it at any time in retrospect.

This is how easy it works:

  1. Enter VIN at oe service to identify the vehicle.
  2. Enter vehicle and service data.
  3. Submit service record.
  4. Ready! We will immediately make your digitally captured service record available for download!

available from £ 24,90 / month


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