Digital service records
all manufacturers included

Identify vehicle

Identify the vehicle using the VIN. Our system automatically recognises whether the VIN entered is correct, which vehicle it is and whether the manufacturer already has a digital service book or not.

Enter vehicle data

Relevant vehicle data is checked so that we can verify whether the mileage is plausible and all vehicle details match. All existing data is automatically transferred.

Enter service data

Enter all your service data in our easy-to-use form with just a few clicks. The content of the requested service work may vary slightly between manufacturers, but the procedure and the time required for the entry always remain the same for you.

Check & send data

As soon as all the data has been entered, you will receive another summary of your details for checking.
Once you have confirmed this, we will send all the data to the manufacturer and provide you with the original service certificate as quickly as possible.

The manufacturer does not yet have a digital service book?

No problem thanks to oe plusDSB

If a vehicle does not yet have a digital service booklet due to its manufacturer or year of manufacture, it is not possible to make an entry directly with the manufacturer.

With the addon oe plusDSB  you can record any service entries on oe service digitally. The data is stored by us and can be accessed by you at any time afterwards – so that you have all service entries stored digitally in one place!

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