Optimise your vehicle maintenance with
oe service at YOUR trusted workshop!

Welcome to a new era in vehicle care with oe service. Thanks to our digital portal, your car is no longer restricted to having services exclusively at official dealerships. We give you the freedom to choose your trusted workshop for all your maintenance needs.

Not only will you obtain the quality and confidence you expect from official inspections, but you can also enjoy the convenience of relying on your trusted mechanic for these essential services.

Discover the Benefits

Record service histories inside your manufacturers database

Obtain the original certification from the manufacturer: Once the data has been sorted, the workshop will send you a certification produced by the manufacturer.

By using oe service, your workshop ensures that every service entry is seamlessly integrated into your vehicle’s manufacturer’s database. This means that your car’s maintenance history is not only documented but also officially recognized by the manufacturer.

Maintain and increase Resale Value

Increased Resale Value: Boost the resale value of your vehicle with a solid maintenance history.

Planning to sell your car in the future? With our digital inspections, you can easily prove that all services were performed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. A solid maintenance history can significantly increase the resale value of your vehicle!

Easy Tracking of Previous Work

Confidence in Your Vehicle’s Care: Access a complete history to have confidence in your car’s maintenance.

Ever wondered what was done in a previous inspection? With our system, access all detailed information for each service. Never miss an important detail about your vehicle’s care!

Is your trusted workshop not using
oe service yet?

Ensure you’re getting the best for your vehicle by inviting your trusted workshop to register at oe service. Digital official inspections, transparent maintenance histories, and improved customer satisfaction awaits them and you.